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Understanding National Savings Certificate (NSC)

The National Savings Certificate (NSC) is a popular fixed-income savings scheme backed by the Government of India. Designed to promote long-term savings, NSC offers a secure investment avenue for individuals seeking a combination of safety and returns.

Benefits of NSC
  1. Government Backing : NSC is issued by the government, ensuring the safety of the principal amount invested.

  2. Fixed Interest Rate : NSC provides a fixed interest rate throughout the investment tenure, shielding investors from market fluctuations.

  3. Tax Benefits : The interest earned on NSC is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C, making it a tax-efficient investment.

  4. Ease of Accessibility : NSCs can be purchased from post offices across the country, enhancing accessibility for investors.

What is an NSC Calculator?

An NSC calculator is a tool designed to estimate the maturity amount and interest earned on National Savings Certificates. By considering key input parameters, the calculator provides investors with a clear projection of their returns.

Key Components Considered by an NSC Calculator
  1. Investment Amount : The initial sum invested in NSC.

  2. Interest Rate : The fixed annual interest rate offered by NSC at the time of investment.

  3. Investment Tenure : The period for which the investor intends to hold the NSC

NSC Calculator Functionality

Here's the formula that powers its magic:

FV = P x (1 + r)^n


FV : The future value of your investment (the exciting part!)

P : The principal amount you invest (your starting point)

r : The annual interest rate offered by NSC (currently 7.7%, subject to change)

n : The number of years you invest for (5 or 10 years)

Using Zactor Tech's NSC Calculator:
  • Enter Investment Amount : Type in the lump sum you plan to invest.

  • Set Investment Duration : Choose 5 or 10 years, depending on your goals.

  • Check Interest Rate : The calculator will automatically display the current NSC interest rate.

  • Click Calculate : Witness the magic as it reveals your potential future value and visualises your savings growth.

Benefits of Using NSC Calculator
  1. Financial Planning : Enables investors to plan and set realistic financial goals based on the expected returns from NSC.

  2. Quick Decision-Making : Provides instant projections, aiding investors in making informed decisions.

  3. Comparison Tool : Allows investors to compare different NSC investment scenarios for optimal decision-making.

How Does an NSC Calculator Function?

NSC calculators use a precise mathematical formula to calculate the future value of the investment based on user-input parameters. This ensures accurate projections aligned with the chosen investment details.

How to Use Zactor Tech’s NSC Calculator
  1. Visit the Zactor Tech NSC Calculator webpage.

  2. Enter Investment Details : Input the principal amount, annual interest rate, and investment tenure.

  3. Generate Projection : Click the calculate button to obtain a detailed projection of the maturity amount.

Benefits of Using Zactor Tech's NSC Calculator
  1. Accuracy : Zactor Tech’s NSC calculator ensures accurate calculations for reliable projections

  2. User-Friendly Interface : The calculator offers a user-friendly experience, making it accessible to all investors.

  3. Detailed Reports : Generates comprehensive reports, breaking down the investment details and returns for better understanding.

In conclusion, the National Savings Certificate scheme, complemented by the insights provided by NSC calculators, presents a stable avenue for risk-averse investors. By comprehending the workings of NSC and leveraging technology, investors can make informed choices for secure and rewarding financial outcomes.


NSC has a lock-in period, and premature withdrawals are generally not allowed. However, in exceptional cases, the certificate can be encashed prematurely with certain conditions.

Yes, the interest earned on NSC is taxable. However, it qualifies for a tax deduction under Section 80C up to a specified limit.

NSCs are non-transferable. They are issued in the name of the investor and cannot be transferred to another individual.

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