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Understanding National Pension Scheme (NPS)

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a voluntary, long-term retirement savings scheme initiated by the Government of India. It aims to provide financial security during old age by encouraging systematic savings. NPS is open to all citizens, offering both individuals and corporate entities the opportunity to invest and accumulate a retirement corpus.

Benefits of NPS
  1. Tax Benefits : Contributions made towards NPS are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C and an additional benefit under Section 80CCD(1B) for self-contributions up to a specified limit of Rs. 50,000/-.

  2. Flexibility in Contributions : NPS allows flexibility in choosing the contribution amount and frequency, enabling individuals to align their savings with financial goals.

  3. Professional Fund Management : NPS funds are managed by Pension Fund Managers (PFMs), providing access to professional fund management expertise.

  4. Dual Account Structure : NPS offers two accounts - Tier I (mandatory for all subscribers) and Tier II (optional), providing varying levels of liquidity and withdrawal options.

What is an NPS Calculator?

An NPS calculator is a tool designed to assist individuals in estimating the potential corpus accumulated through their NPS contributions. This calculator considers various inputs to provide a projection of the retirement savings.

Key Components Considered by an NPS Calculator
  1. Investment Amount : The sum an individual plans to contribute regularly towards NPS.

  2. Investment Frequency : The regularity with which contributions are made, such as monthly or annually.

  3. Expected Annual Return Rate : Anticipated rate of return on NPS investments.

  4. Investment Tenure : The number of years an individual intends to contribute to NPS.

NPS Calculator Functionality

The calculation employed by the National Pension Scheme (NPS) calculator in the context of Zactor Tech can be expressed through the formula

A = P (1 + r/n) ^ nt


A : Amount or maturity value

P : Principal sum, representing the initial investment.

r : Rate of interest per annum

n : Number of times interest compounds per year.

t : Total tenure in years.

To illustrate, consider a scenario where an individual aged 34 contributes Rs 3000 monthly to their pension account under Zactor Tech. Assuming an anticipated annual interest rate (ROI) of 10% and a contribution period of 26 more years, the NPS calculator for Zactor Tech yields the following details:

Total Principal invested= Rs 9.36 Lakh
Sum expected on Maturity = 44.35 Lakh

Benefits of Using NPS Calculator
  1. Financial Planning : Helps in planning for retirement by providing an estimate of the potential corpus.

  2. Goal Setting : Enables individuals to set realistic financial goals based on their NPS contributions.

  3. Informed Decision-Making : Empowers investors to make informed decisions regarding contribution amounts and investment tenures.

How Does an NPS Calculator Function?

NPS calculators helps to process user inputs and calculate the future value of their contributions. The formula ensures accurate projections based on the chosen parameters.

How to Use Zactor Tech’s NPS Calculator
  1. Visit the Zactor Tech’s NPS Calculator webpage.

  2. Enter Investment Details : Input the investment amount, frequency, expected return rate, and tenure.

  3. Generate Projection : Click the calculate button to generate a projection of your NPS savings.

Benefits of Using Zactor Tech’s NPS Calculator
  1. User-Friendly Interface : Zactor Tech’s NPS calculator provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for accurate projections.

  2. Customization Options : Allows users to tailor inputs for personalized projections.

  3. Detailed Reports : Generates comprehensive reports, offering insights into the future value of NPS contributions.

In conclusion, the National Pension Scheme, coupled with the insights provided by NPS calculators, offers a strategic approach to retirement planning. By understanding the intricacies and leveraging technology, individuals can navigate their way to a financially secure retirement.


Yes, NPS subscribers have the flexibility to change their Pension Fund Manager once a year.

While there is no maximum limit for voluntary contributions, tax benefits are capped based on the prescribed limits.

NPS offers a lump sum withdrawal option of up to 60%, and the remaining 40% must be used to purchase an annuity for a regular income stream.

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